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Venture Funds

Venture Fund II, L.P.

Launched in 2004, Venture Fund II, L.P. is now closed for investment.

Committed capital of C$108 million.

EdgeStone Capital
One of Canada's
leading independent
private capital
Solace Systems Inc. Ottawa, Ontario

Solace Systems has become a leading provider of content networking equipment for enterprises, information providers and service providers globally. With Solace hardware, distributed applications share high-throughput, low-latency content distribution in an easy to manage, lower cost of ownership form factor.

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Shoplogix Inc. Oakville, Ontario

The Shoplogix solution delivers an integrated shop floor solution that gathers real-time data on a machine-by-machine basis to enable enterprise wide monitoring, analysis and process improvement.

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pVelocity Inc. Toronto, Ontario

pVelocity's software provides manufacturers with the necessary intelligence about their products, customers and processes to enable better business decisions that improve profit. By bridging the gap between production and financial systems, pVelocity rapidly identifies true drivers of profitability at unprecedented levels of detail.

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CiRBA Inc. Richmond Hill, Ontario

CiRBA software provides IT organizations with the fastest path possible to accurate and actionable server consolidation and virtualization plans. CiRBA utilizes empirical configuration and workload data combined with patent pending analysis to quickly identify waste and compatibility within the data center.

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Spectra7 Microsystem Palo Alto, CA. Markham, Canada

Spectra7 makes the electronic products we use everyday dramatically thinner, lighter and higher performance. These products include ultra-thin 4K Panels, ultra HD displays, head-mounted displays for both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Drones and Data Centers.

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